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Youngraceful: Human Hair Extentions Factory

Youngraceful hair extensions factory are made of 100% Remy hair extensions, which is the highest hair extension quality. Our hair extensions are available in different types such as Clip-in, Tape In, Pre-bonded, and Micro Ring extensions.

The hair mostly comes from India and meticulously sorted and washed by skilled workers to ensure the best hair extension quality possible. That’s why our hair extensions remain soft, shiny, and silky for every use. The hair extensions and their packaging can be customized enabling the customers to take their hair extension brand to the next level.

Our Factory

Youngraceful is a professional hair extension manufacturer, located in Xuchang, China. Founded in 1996, Youngraceful has more than 20 years of experience in custom 100% Remy hair extensions manufacturing service to simulate stylists’ creativity to change female look.

At Youngraceful, your satisfaction with our 100% remy hair extensions always takes our priority. We have adequate advanced machines for sewing and more than 45 skilled technicians to complete 33 producing process by hand to guarantee product assurance as well as meet your needs within 15 days, including delivery.

Our Sales Team

  • Sales-photo-1

    Lily “Wonder Woman” Li

    Lily is wonderfully creative and innovative. She is a member of the team that’s responsible for continuously iterate on the sales process. Her contribution to creating sales forecasts has helped Youngraceful as a successful hair extension supplier for the last seven years and up until today.

  • Sales-photo-2

    Angel “Super Girl” Hou

    Angel is a highly motivated and superb sales manager. For over 10 years of professional working experience, her strong interpersonal & analytical skills have mentored and trained sales representatives to design and implement sales strategy to hit the quota for hair extension production.

  • Sales-photo-3

    Robert “Zeus” Zhang

    Robert has a Germanic name “Hrodebert” which means "bright fame". Just like his name, Robert takes a big part of lighting up and analyzing performance data to help Youngraceful become a proficient hair extension supplier & factory around the world.

  • Sales-photo-4

    Jay “Iron Man” Zhang

    Jay has 13 Years of foreign trade management and sales experience. His proficiency in foreign trade export process, provide customers with timely, effective, and professional services. He is the man behind Youngraceful’s success in ironing productive profit as a hair extension factory.

  • Sales-photo-5

    Sam “Spider Man” Shan

    Sam is an online sales expert that writes effective SEO content for Youngraceful’s blogs, websites and social media accounts. He has a creative mind that identifies powerful keywords and hand to write the most valuable traffic for visitors to become clients.

  • Sales-photo-6

    Steven “The Flash” Fu

    Steven handles all shipments in a flash! He is responsible for keeping records of all products shipped to fulfill the proper product and quantity in purchases. Steven and his team ensure that Youngraceful follows high-quality shipping as a major hair extension supplier worldwide.

  • 01

  • February-201701

    2015 Upgraded seamless clip in hair extension facility was added and reached a monthly export volume of 20,000 pieces in 2017.
  • 201302

    2013 Venue of tape on hair extension export reached 600,000 U.S. dollars.
  • 201103

    2011 Upgraded the bleaching and dyeing techniques of hair extensions to prolong using period, smooth hair and bring shinier effect.
  • 200904

    2009 Sourced 4 new wig accessories suppliers to improve quality of our hair extensions.
  • 200005

    2000 Youngraceful factory expanded to 20,000 square meter, clip in hair extension line was extended.
  • 1998 06

    1998 A hair collection center was set up in India to reduce the purchasing costs and improve the quality of raw hair.
  • 199607

    1996 Youngraceful started manufacturing traditional hair extension products, including micro ring hair extensions, pre-bonded hair extensions and more.