How to Customize Hair Extensions Colors? (The DIY Way and the Industrial Way)

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Craving to perfectly customize some matching colors for your hair extensions?

Or you want something colorful to add to make your hair extensions different from others?

We understand that there is a high demand for changing your hair extension color. Of course, who doesn’t want to have beautiful hair that comes with a lot of options for styling and coloring?

However, customizing colors for your hair extensions, may it be through DIY or with a professional hair extension manufacturer, can’t be easily done without being careful when dyeing them.

Coloring your hair extensions don’t only demand high-maintenance but can also damage your hair. Once the hair extension is dyed, it can no longer go back to its original color.

Now, what’s the best way to color your extensions?

We will provide you with the correct and easy steps of coloring your hair extensions to ensure the best quality possible without risking their qualities.

Read more below.

Step by Step Guide: How to Customize Colors for your Hair Extensions at Home

1. Check the Quality of Your Hair Extensions

You have to remember that only human hair extensions can be dyed. If what you have is synthetic hair extension, obviously, you can’t successfully color them because they are made of fibers that can’t be easily customized, unlike real human hair.

2. Select Your Desired Hair Extension Color

hair extensions color chart

You have to carefully select the color that you want to add to your hair extensions. It is important that you will only purchase hair colors from a trusted suppliers line.

These hair colors come in different shades, that’s why it would be best to select a hair color that will keep your hair extensions more vibrant and healthy-looking.

3. Collect all Hair Coloring Materials

Aside from the hair colors, you have to prepare all the materials that are needed upon your hair color application. Tools such as the bowl, brush, gloves, tin foil, plastic wrap, wide-toothed comb, and towel are very important to perform the coloring procedure to your hair extensions.

4. Secure Your Tools in a Wide Table

It is important to use a wide table where your tools are placed. This will ensure that the working place is big enough for you to execute the dyeing process.

Furthermore, the tin foil should be spread across the table, so that it would be protected in case the hair colors might  accidentally spill.

5. Mix your Hair Extensions Color Thoroughly

Most hair color boxes come with directions on how you’re going to mix the colors in a bowl properly.

You can easily follow those instructions to ensure the right mixing, which will surely leads to better results.

6. Thoroughly Comb Your Hair Extensions

Combing your hair extensions with the use of wide-toothed comb can easily remove tangles. This means that if your hair extensions are not frizzy, it would be easier to apply hair colors from tip-to-tip.

7. Apply the Hair Extensions Color

With the use of gloves and brush, apply the color to your hair extensions. Remember to brush every strand well from top to end to completely cover the hair extensions with your new desired color.

The best way to apply the color is from the top where the attachments are located, then carefully brush the other sections downward. It is not advisable to apply the hair color by brushing sideways or bottom to top. This will only damage the hair extensions, making it more frizzy.

The only way to cover them with the new hair color is from top to bottom.

8. Cover the Hair Extensions with the Plastic Wrap

After applying the hair extension color, you have to lay them on the table and cover them with plastic wrap. These newly dyed hair extensions must be placed in a temperature where it won’t  dry out.

this way, you can check them out every  15 minutes, or whatever is advised by the hair color manufacturer. The shade of the hair extensions color mainly depends as to how long you’re going to let the hair extensions dry out.

The longer the time it’s covered, the darker the shade of the hair extensions.

9. Rinse your Hair Extensions

Once you are satisfied with the shade of the hair extensions that are covered, you can now rinse them up with cool water.

The water should flow the same way as how you brushed and applied the hair extensions color – from top to bottom.

You can rinse them for about 20 minutes or more using your fingers to thoroughly wash and remove the colors.

10. Dry them Up Using a Towel and a Comb

If the colors are totally removed from the hair extension, it’s now time for the final process which you can use a towel and a comb to dry them up.

Remember that you can only start using them again once you’re sure  that they are 100% dry and ready to use.

Here’s a tutorial video on how to color your hair extensions:


Step by Step Guide: How to Buy Customize Hair Extensions Colors from Factories

1. Send the picture of the hair extensions color that you want.

It is essential that you already have the picture of the exact color that you want to buy from the factory. When sending the picture, make sure that it contains the exact color and other important details, just in case you want to customize the length and style.

2. The factory will check the color you’ve sent.

Once the hair extension factory receives your picture, they will now check if they already have it on hand and if the color matches their color rings.

3. You will receive a sample color ring from the manufacturer.

receiving hair extension samples

The manufacturer will send you a sample color ring once they match your picture. You will still receive a message from them if they don’t match to inform you that they will request it from the supplier.

4. Confirm the color ring sent by the manufacturer.

If the color ring sent by the factory is exactly the right color that you want, you can send back a quote or a reply confirming the color ring sample provided.

5. The factory will start processing the production of your desired hair extensions color.

hair extension factory in China

The factory will only start the mass production once they receive a confirmation from you. During this process, you can wait for about 2 days for your customized hair extensions color to be delivered.

The Do’s and Dont’s of Customizing Hair Extension Colors

By following the guide mentioned above, you can be sure that you are not damaging the hair extensions even if you customize their colors. To help you maintain the quality of the hair extensions, we will discuss below the things that you should and shouldn’t do to keep your hair extensions healthy and dazzling, even after the color application.

Do’s For Color Treated Hair Extensions


  • Do wash them with cold water instead of hot water. The hot temperature will only remove the customized color away from your hair extensions.

  • Do comb your hair even once in a while. Maintaining the frizz on your hair will only keep the color dazzling in every strand.

  • Do use a cover like hats when you’re exposed to the sun. Protecting your hair from direct sunlight will keep the color from fading.

Dont’s For Color Treated Hair Extensions

  • Don’t use heat and chemical sprays when styling your hair extensions. Heat will only damage the hair extensions that might lead the customized color to fade easily.

  • Don’t wash your hair extensions every after use. Doing so might lead to hair shedding.

  • Don’t use shampoos and conditioners too often for your hair extensions, the ingredients used on shampoos can strip hair color.


Dyeing your hair extensions is a fun way of expressing your creativity and personality. If you properly follow the steps we have discussed, your hair extensions will look stunning in no time. You will surely look forward to wearing your newly colored hair extensions and once you do, you will enjoy it and will look more beautiful than ever!