On Hair Extensions

1Does it take long for the application process to finish?
We produce soft and silky hair extensions. The clippers and glue we use are of high-quality, which makes the application process smooth and time-saving for you and your client.
2Can I bleach, tone, and color the hair extensions?
Yes, but we strongly recommend that we do it in our factory as improper treatment will damage the hair extensions. However, if you decide to dye them personally, we suggest that you pick one clip weft to be tested first before doing anything to make sure that you're satisfied with the results.
3Can I use heat styling tools to my hair extensions?
Yes, absolutely! You must treat the hair extensions as if they were your own. Use a flat iron, straightener, or thongs, even when fitted. However, as with your own hair, you must avoid using hot tools too often to prevent your hair from getting too dry. If this happens, the lifespan of your hair extensions will be reduced.
4How long do the hair extensions last?
All of our hair extensions are 100% human hair, and their lifespan is more than ten months. If they are well taken cared of, they can last up to a year.
5How can I maintain my hair extensions?
The improper wash and treatment of hair extensions will cause them to dry, fall, or tangle. The way you care for your hair extensions is the ultimate determining factor on how to maintain them. There are four aspects you must pay attention to: Refrain from washing your hair for three days after the application to prevent any slippage. Never sleep with wet extensions. Always make sure that the strands are dry and pulled up, or preferably arranged into a braid to prevent the hair strands from tangling at night. When brushing the hair, be sure to secure the roots to avoid pulling on the bonds. Use a wide-tooth comb to remove tangles if needed.
6What are the detailed specs of the hair extensions?
For seamless clip-in hair extensions: 1 pc. 8-inch weft with 4 clips 1 pc. 7-inch weft with 4 clips 2pcs. 6-inch weft with 3 clips 2pcs 4-inch weft with 2 clips 2pcs 1.5-inch weft with 1 clip For tape-in hair extensions: 2.5g/pc. tape; width: 4cm; 10 pcs. per set; 2 sets per package For hair weft: Weft width: 130cm For I tip/ U tip/ Flat tip: 1.0g/pc.; 25 pcs. per set

On Services

1Do you charge a sample fee?
Yes. Sample charges are requested for customized hair samples. However, these charges will be compensated once the samples qualify and once we receive the order for mass production.
2What can we do for you?
We can help you in customizing the color, style, thickness, and length of the hair extensions according to your requirements.
3How long does shipping take?
All of our hair extensions are shipped from China, by DHL or FedEx. You will receive your order within five to ten business days.
4Is there any MOQ limit?
For the customized hair extensions, 30 packs or more. However, for stock products, there is none.
5Do you have a product return and exchange policy?
Yes. We accept unopened hair extensions and those that have quality-related concerns within fifteen (15) days from the day you have received the package. We are committed to product quality and to maintain a low return rate. We understand that there are cases when clients need to return or exchange their orders and we're more than happy to accommodate any concerns on our hair extensions that are unused and kept in excellent condition. Please check our Warranty Page for further details on this matter.