Hair’s Journey

#1 Healthy hair collected,
inspected in India

We collect raw hair from female donors in India as strands of their hair are considered to be the ones closest to white women's hair texture. After that, they will undergo a thorough inspection. We have a team of experts who will carefully examine each strand to make sure that they are of the best quality, damage-free, and did not undergo dyeing.

This is very important because hair strands that are not 100% natural are prone to premature damage and breakage, which will compromise the overall quality of our hair extensions.


#2 Arrives in China, goes through
osmosis bath

Once the hair strands arrive in the facility, they will go through an osmosis bath. This process involves a delicate wash using a mild shampoo to remove the hair pigments and to prevent any damage from chemicals that will be used in the next step.

Once the hair strands are completely dry, they will be brushed and sorted out properly according to their shade and length. All these methods are performed by our talented hair experts.


#3 Pigmented

The third step of the process is called pigmentation. This is done after the hair strands have been in the osmosis bath for the required time. It starts by dyeing each hair strand according to the desired colors.

After the pigmentation process, the hair strands will then be washed a few more times before they are ready to dry. Once they are dry, they will then be blended and sorted out by hand based on various shades.


#4 Sewn & Post-Processed

We use advanced sewing machines in our hair extensions for accuracy and efficiency. After the hair strands undergo the three procedures, our hair experts can then move on to sewing them. Each hair strand is sewn with the use of Keratin gel or attached with polished strands. It’s a delicate process, making sure that each hair extension causes zero damage and in its highest quality.

Once they are sewn together, it’s time to weigh them. This is to ensure all hair extensions are in the same weight. When this is done, they will undergo another delicate wash with mild conditioner and dried again. This is the last method before the hair extensions are ready to be packed and shipped.


#5 Packaged & Shipped

Now that all hair extensions are ready, it is time to pack and ship them to our clients. Not only do we accept customization on our hair extensions, but we also let you decide on the design and color of your packaging. Simply submit it to us the sample or your idea and we will be more than happy to make it for you! All hair extension orders will arrive on your doorstep as early as seven days after processing!