How It Works

1 - Consultation

Have you had figured out that you can consult our experts on virtually of the hairy kind(pun intended)? Well, you can talk to them about:

  1. Hair type
  2. Color
  3. Length

What you need is to send us your queries and you get feedback within a period of 12 less than a day. There is the FAQ page on our website where you will find question and answer to those burning questions which you may have.

The reason why we have the experts for consultation is that there may be some person-specific questions which you will not find on the FAQ page. In addition, we believe in personalized service to our customers. Our team is usually ready on the phone or online to receive those calls and answering you back in the best way we can.


2 - Quotation and sample

On how it works, you will obtain a personalized quotation based on the type, color, and length. If you want to test and qualify our sample together with the color ring, they will be availed to you at your pleasure.

We have carefully designed the quotation so that it captures all the specific details that you may require regarding the hair that you want to order from us. We have no problem with letting you have access to a sample so that you can have a prior feel of what the real hair looks or feels like.

We also avail to you the color ring as well so that you may be acquainted with what colors are available.


3 - Mass production

There are a total of 33 steps which are followed before the raw hair is processed to extensions. When the final product is finally presented to you, there will be that feel and look when you know that you have gotten the best.

We are thorough when it comes to these processes because we know that from all these steps and processes, you will have the desired final product that satisfies all the requirements. We do not use shortcuts when it comes to getting quality even if the product is mass produced.

Learn about the Hair's Journey

4 - Packaging

Did you that your hair packaging can be customized? You will have your own logo if you like, put right on your box. You will be able to select the box color of your liking.

There are up to 50 pieces for you to select from. You will agree with us that good packaging gives a positive impression of what is inside. We guarantee you that we will do the packaging just right for you.


5 - Shipping

The way is on its way to its destination when we get to the part on shipping. You will not be limited when it comes to shipping because there are various methods at your disposal. Regardless of the destination, your order will still get to you.

What is more, the turnaround is within a week. Though there are various methods of delivery, we highly recommend that our customers to either use the express delivery or air transportation.

Based on our experience with means of transport, these two are the best in terms of speedy delivery. They are also reliable because rarely will they take more than the stipulated number of days.